Welcome to LWR Air Conditioning.

We make it our mission every day to provide our customers with the highest level of service. Our employees have gone through vigorous training to ensure that we are up to date with the present-day technologies of our profession. With our company located in the heart of Lakewood Ranch, our technicians are able to travel to your location within a matter of minutes. We know how valuable your time and patience are. Our technicians will stay in contact with you throughout the entire process of our project. With our unmatched reputation, we let our performance and experience show why we are the leading air conditioning company in Bradenton and Lakewood Ranch.

Living in Florida, you understand that the days are hot and the nights are humid. So why would you put yourself through agony with your outdated air conditioning system? LWR Air Conditioning offers free estimates. This is so our professional technicians will be able to assess the issues that you may be having with your unit. Once the evaluations is completed, we can discuss our findings. Our Air Conditioning technicians would be able to advise you of our professional suggestions on what alternatives you may have with your unit. Whether you need to have the air conditioner repaired or replaced, LWR Air Conditioning always carries the leading brands. This guarantees every customer that they will be given the highest quality product for their home or business.

Services at LWR Air Conditioning

We strive to work within every budget, to find the best equipment that fits your needs. We try to properly fit your home with an adequate system. Our focus is not to sell you our most expensive product. By trying to sell you something that is under or over sized is a waste of money. It is also a waste of electricity. By having an under sized unit would require it to work harder than it should. This would cause it to use more power to keep up the temperatures that are being set as well as stressing the unit. This example is what sets our technicians apart from other air conditioning companies. We only suggest the product that is appropriate to your home or business.

As a professional company, we are confident that you will always receive the highest satisfaction with every job that we handle. By performing at our best every time, you will never be subject to a negative experience by our technicians. Every employee, whether a service technician or office administration, must undergo a drug screening and background check. This requires every employee to represent our company in a manner that is nothing less than professional. When you have our technician arrive at your home, we can assure you that you have an employee who is highly trained. All employees are able to handle all air conditioner makes and models in an efficient manner.

Another aspect of being a proficient employee is to ensure that all of the proper training and education is completed or ongoing. This is for every employee to be able to perform their job responsibilities properly. Our air conditioning technicians also have certain credentials that are required to be completed annually. As the technology and products expand, they become more technical over the years. We want our employees to be proficient with the changes that occur. This also benefits their personal experience as well as their profession to understand and adapt to these changes.

The level of service that we provide is not only reflected in the workmanship that is shown but in the number of repeat customers and referrals from other companies that we receive. We take pride in our air conditioning company as well as our employees who make a difference in people's lives on a daily basis. By helping a customer change an air filter, perform maintenance checks or even inspect a minor issues that they may be having, always puts their mind at ease. Contact us today for more information on how we can help brighten your day while cooling your home.