Service Location

LWR Air Conditioning is available 24/7 for all your air conditioning needs. We have expanded the service location to provide all customers with air conditioning services. These services include: routine air conditioning maintenance, AC repair, installation of new systems, and more. We are always accepting new customers. We offer free estimates and second opinions. If you are unsure about prices, estimates or repair costs given to you by another AC company, LWR Air Conditioning can provide you a second opinion. A second opinion is only used to confirm or deny the findings from a previous company with an unbiased opinion. The technicians will review all quotes and examine the issues at hand. Then we will provide you with the possible options you have. There is no commitment to using LWR Air Conditioning as a second opinion. However, we have financing available for those costly repairs or new installations, if you chose to continue with LWR Air Conditioning.

LWR Air Conditioning is located in the heart of Lakewood Ranch. Our dedicated team is always available for all your air conditioning needs. Call today to schedule your routine maintenance check, free estimate, second opinion or to inquire about our services. This service location listed below is not exclusive to these areas. If you are outside of the service location list, we will still provide air conditioning services to you. Please allow enough time for our technicians to arrive at your location. For more details regarding the service location area, contact us today. We look forward to working with all of you. Thank you to all customers who keep us going on a daily basis.

Service Location Areas

With these expanded service locations, we are proud to extend our services to all customers in every location. We offer all Air Conditioning and Heating services to the following service locations:

Bradenton, FL
Lakewood Ranch, FL
Palmetto, FL