AC Repair

Florida is known as the Sunshine State for a very good reason. The nights are humid and warm, while the days can be blistering hot. Now is not the time you would want your air conditioner to break down. Even though you are keeping up with routine maintenance checks, there could be potential issues that may occur to your system. Our technicians at LWR Air Conditioning, know how to handle emergency AC repair situations. We provide services 24/7. It is understandable that AC repair problems arise at any given day or time. This is why our technicians are always prepared to assist you.

Every day can feel like it is hotter than the last. However, you are not the only one that’s affected by the heat. When the temperatures are high, they can cause added stress on your AC unit. Even though air conditioning systems are extremely durable, you may still experience some complications that require AC repair. Your system is made of several components. Every component has a specific job within the system. If your unit is stressing to produce cool air, it will continue to overwork until the desired temperature is reached. There could also be issues with your thermostat that could cause your system to overwork itself. If this happens, you will probably see issues arise in the near future. Just like any other appliance struggling to reach proper standards, it will one day malfunction or stop working.

AC Repair Complications

Noisy units.
You should always consult with us if you start hearing any noises coming from your unit. It is always good to know how your systems runs. However, anything that is out of the normal should be addressed immediately. This would be a problem that requires AC repair immediately.

Freon Leaks
When your AC unit has a Freon leak. The Freon slowly releases out of your system into the environment. When the pressure drops from the Freon escaping, the temperature in your system will freeze. This causes the entire system to shut down. This is when you need to contact us so we are able to come out and replace the Freon.

Rooms Not Cooling Down As They Should
Noticing that a room in your home may not be as cool as the others could mean that there is a problem. Normally, it would be within the ductwork or the system itself. This would be an issue that you may want to consult with your AC repair technician about.

Higher Utility Bills
If you notice that your electric statements are starting to increase, this could be a sign that your AC system is running more than it should. There could be an underlying problem as to why this is happening.

A Broken Thermostat
By having a broken thermostat, you are not able to know exactly what temperature your AC unit is set at. This could cause your unit to constantly run or not run at all. You can purchase a new thermostat or call our office for further assistance.

No matter what you may think is happening to your air conditioning system, you should always consult with us immediately. Trying to take AC repairs into your own hands may result in further damage. It is our job to save you money, not have you spend more. Call our specialized AC repair technicians at LWR Air Conditioning. Schedule an appointment today so we can inspect and repair the problem.