Air Conditioning

Unlike most other air conditioning companies, LWR Air Conditioning is a trusted household name in the Lakewood Ranch area. With installing only residential homeowners, we are able to manage our time responsibly. This is to better serve our community. Our focus is on the residents of Lakewood Ranch. We believe in providing the highest satisfaction to our community.

We know that purchasing a brand new unit can be a major decision. With our highly skilled air conditioning technicians, we educate every customer with the same knowledge that we have learned. We want to help you understand information regarding your air conditioning system. By having the proper knowledge and training, we are able to provide you with a professional opinion. Especially on which system will better suit your home. Our employees are professional air conditioning technicians, not salesmen. We do not try to persuade you into purchasing an expensive unit so we can make a sale. We are honest and hardworking individuals. It is our job to assist you in making your home a comfortable place to live.

Have you ever heard of someone saying this is the most important day of your life? Well the same saying goes towards the installation of your new air conditioner. The first day of install is extremely critical for your unit. If that technician did not follow all of the proper installation procedures for your unit, then chances are your system will not be able to function at its highest peek. At LWR Air Conditioning, we guarantee that every piece we assemble and install is going to be trouble free for many years to come. This is also to ensure that the systems performance and efficiency is completed correctly.

Once the installation is completed, you should consult with your Air Conditioning specialist to review any questions you may have. The technician will also review with you the time frame as to when you are going to need a maintenance check.

Common Air Conditioning Mistakes

Running your Air Conditioner All Day:
This can be a misconception. People think that if you leave the AC running at one temperature all day, then the unit won't have to work as hard to maintain that temperature. This is false. Your unit is constantly working hard to maintain that temperature all day long. This will increase your electricity bill as well. Try programming your thermostat to cool the house down prior to arriving at home. This will not cause your unit to stress out all day.

Stopping the Use Of Ceiling Fans:
Many people assume that if you have a brand new unit then you won't need to have anymore fans running. Well, according to EnergyStar, you should continue to use fans around your home. A normal fan pulls the hot air upward and circulates the air around the room. When your fan is switched counter-clockwise, this creates a "wind chill effect." Even though your thermostat is at a normal temperature, you will feel cooler by the reversed effect from your fan.

Exhaust Fans:
When you are cooking or going to the bathroom, it is nice to implement the use of your exhaust fan. However, did you know that exhaust fans suck out the air in that room to the outside of your home? Yes, it's true. Exhaust fans are designed to pull out polluted air to provide more space for clean conditioned air to come in. But be careful on how long you keep them running. They can also pull out clean conditioned air. Which in return, causes your unit to work harder to replace the conditioned air.

Closing Unused Air Vents:
There are mixed reviews regarding this subject. Some companies will advise you to close vents if they are not in use. This would cause the air to be forced out from another vent you are using. However, your Air Conditioner was designed around the placement of the vents. This is to allow the maximum comfort level around the entire home. The vents are placed strategically around your home to ensure that every room has air flow. By closing a vent, you could be decreasing the efficiency of your new system. Consult with us before you decide to close your vents.

Ignoring Maintenance Checks:
This is a serious subject to consider. Our technicians can't stress enough about the importance of maintaining your AC. The consequence of neglecting this could be serious. Your system may fail or even break down. Make sure you have a scheduled date to have our specialists come out. Just like you need to maintain your vehicle, your air conditioner is just as important. Remember, the more efficient you are at maintaining your system, the longer life expectancy you will have.

Our specialist here at LWR Air Conditioning understand that there are several things to consider when it comes to purchasing a new Air Conditioning system. We are always available to answer any questions or comments that you may be having. Even questions regarding your newly installed system. If you are wanting to upgrade to a new system, we have all the information that you will need. We will inform you on the types of brands we carry as well as the prices for each brand. Our employees are here to help assist you in choosing the right air conditioner for your home.