What’s Inside Your Air Conditioner?

What’s Inside Your Air Conditioner?

What's Inside Your Air Conditioner? Well there my be things in your Air Conditioner you would never think of. Read this article for more information.

Whats Inside Your Air Conditioner

Since we have had a pretty mild winter here in Florida, many people did not have to use their air conditioners as much. While that sounds great for your electricity bills, it also means that your air conditioning system has not been looked at in quite a while. Living in a state like Florida, you will be surprised as to what you find hiding in places outside. These hidden objects or things may be harmless but it sure can be a nuisance for your technician. Here a few things we come across when we service your system outside.

Geckos, Snakes, Lizards, Anoles, and so much more. These little lizards love the AC units. In fact, many lizards use units for their home. As small as it sounds, these creatures can affect your unit from properly functioning. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect the entire unit to rid of these creatures.

Dust and Debris:
Just because you change the air filter does not mean your system will be free from dust. There are many components around the AC units that could become clogged if dust or other airborne debris gets inside. Our technicians always inspect every part of the system. If something should need cleaning, our technicians will do so. Another issue is lint from your clothes. If your dryer vent is close to the AC's condenser coils, it is common to see lint mixed with debris.

Your Dogs Favorite:
As funny as it sounds, your air conditioning system is not the best place for you dog to relieve itself. Your dogs urine could in fact, corrode the entire side of your unit. If there is no water to wash it away or dilute it, the urine will stick to the side. Urine accelerates corrosion which could cause your condensing coil to leak. You could always build a little fence around your system to deter your dog. However, make sure you are not planting bushes directly around the unit. This could cause for a more serious problem. Bushes and shrubs should be kept trimmed at least one foot away from the outdoor AC unit.

Our technicians have gone to many houses that were very cluttered. It is not a wise idea to use your air conditioner as a storage space. We have seen objects such as bikes, beach chairs, pool floats, even other household items. Not only can this damage your system, but it is blocking the airflow. Your condenser relies on proper airflow. By not allowing for enough airflow, you could cause your system to not run properly or even break down. Always remember the one foot rule. Nothing should be around your unit that is close than one foot.

Even though your air conditioner is out of sight, you must continuously take care of it. That is why maintenance checks are so important. By having our technicians inspect your system routinely, we can sure it will function properly. If you have any comments or concerns about your unit, please free to contact us right away.

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